Whereas in the past social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook have been a tool for reporting what you have had for breakfast; nowadays they play a pivotal role in the way campaigns and even elections are run.

Used globally by candidates to develop relationships with their potential voters; social media has transcended the old norms of news updates and advertisements, to become a tool that engages voters and allows them to express their opinions.

And it works!

By enabling the public to voice their opinions on current issues as well as give their approval (or disapproval) about candidates objectives; this sense of empowerment is believed to help voters to feel more involved in campaigns and feel as though their opinions are being counted.

And the more involved they feel, the more likely they are to vote…

How does it work?

In principle using social media during elections is not that much different from how you manage your own account.

However whereas you use these mediums to report on your everyday life; for candidates social media represents an opportunity to get their objectives across to a broader audience and engage those who are usually not that interested in politics.

Similarly, by making themselves more accessible; when they give an update about their campaign i.e. visiting veteran soldiers and hospitals, or ask the public for their opinions on one of their policies; this openness about their work enables them to generate more interest in themselves.

And the method is surprisingly effective…

Many candidates have commented on the fact that when reaching out to the public, the responses they have received have enabled them to amend policies/objectives to better suit the needs of the nation.

In addition, they have reported that these personal accounts have helped those who previously wouldn’t have voiced their questions to come forward, express their concerns and acquire a better understanding of what they (the candidate) is trying to achieve.

Is social media for everyone?

MPs, politicians and presidential candidates are not the only ones to have experienced positive results from using social media. Jump on Twitter and Facebook now and you will soon find that many businesses use these networks to connect, engage and establish better relationships with their clients.

Take for instance accountants…

In the lead up to the Budget Report, many top accountants now use Twitter to report on the tax changes suggested by the government to give the public the chance to express their concerns and get their questions answered.

Can I implement it myself?

Creating a Facebook and Twitter account is fairly straightforward; however if you plan to use it to promote your business, gain votes or launch a campaign, then you may find that enlisting the help of a professional can ensure that your efforts do not go unnoticed.

With their support they can ensure that your social media accounts are carefully managed and maintained, so your target audience is always aware of who you are and what you are trying to achieve.

In addition, they can ensure that you engage and attract a larger audience base who may become potential clients or voters.

So if you are looking to establish yourself using social media, why not enlist the help of the experts?

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